Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen wrote in his book, How will you measure your life, that “Intimate, loving, and enduring relationships with our family and close friends will be among the sources of the deepest joy in our lives”. Unfortunately what we see in current environment is the fact that people do not have time for their loved one’s. They are busy in their work environments and when they realize that what they have missed it is already too late.
Furthermore to complicate the matters is the fact that the life is getting faster and faster and there are many factors that have caused this. Such can be attributed to technological shift, how companies measure employees, and even how we treat in society who is a successful person or not.

As Rabbi Harold Kushner, writes in his book Living a Life that Matters, is that on their no one on their death beds have any regrets about working more or missing out on achieving more great professional things in life. What most have missed is the family relationships and regret spending more time at work.

What companies like Artifact Uprising with their campaign have done is to show that what is really important in life and what matters in the life in the end. What matters in the end is the close family relationships and what legacy have you left for your family. Such relationships can be created into stories and picture books and these could be viewed by future generations and cherished as time well spent and by which younger generations can sit on the shoulder on giants of elders and not only learn from the past and cherish the same but more importantly pass the same ethics and values and relationships to future.

https://medium.com/@aqureshi/living-a-life-that-matters-82af7adb08d9generations as well.