How often can you look at the mountains around here and not be bored? How long can you sit by the shore of a lake and look out at the water and not feel bored? How frequently can you see a sunset and still be thrilled with it? There is something in the natural world, the God-made world, that knows how to speak to our souls in a way that human technology never can. Technology, because it is the worship of the man-made, can never move us like that. Ultimately it will bore us. Ultimately we will grow tired of it. But there is something in us that, when we have some free time, makes us want to go up to the mountains. We want to watch the sunset. We want to sit by the shore and look at the water. Something tells us, “This defines your place in the universe.” It gives us the reassuring message that when we have reached the limits of human power and knowledge, there is a greater power that begins where ours leaves off. Problems we cannot solve are not unsolvable. Questions we don’t have answers to don’t have to remain unanswered.

Harold Kushner