As the life of George F. Kennan shows, individual, original thinking by one lonely person can sometimes illuminate and guide us better than all the high-level panels and commissions and interagency meetings.” – Richard Holbrooke

From Richard I learned that a life of meaning is worth more than a life of ease. And perhaps even more than a long life. We had many plans for our next chapter. None of those plans involved anything other than a life of full engagement. … I will miss him forever. – Kati Marton

For him, the suffering of innocent civilians, be it in Bosnia, East Timor, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan or Afghanistan and suffering of his own fellow citizens were a matter of equal moral urgency. I never knew another diplomat or a statesman that I could say this about – Kofi Annan

In the end, what matters is there are a lot of people walking around on the face of the earth today or their children or their grandchildren because of the way he lived his life.=

Bill Clinton