Your counting me as a friend, when I consider you my life itself, feels nothing short of a betrayal

This love has brought me to the brink of a beautiful death, don’t, oh please don’t pray that I stay well. 

It’s true that my heart burns, but the light of my burning heart is the only light I know

I am afraid that your kindness may put it out and shroud my world in a dark shadow. 

Leave me to my plight, please, I don’t trust your offer of healing

Who knows your cursory sympathy might just increase my suffering. 

My resolve is very strong, I don’t for a moment fear the intentions of an enemy from outside

But I am terrified that my garden will burn to ground by the indifference of the beloved inside.  

S/he has arisen with a filled glass in her (his) hands, where are you oh “Shakeel”?

Come quick before someone else raises their hand to accept this coveted offering.