To pledge the heart

or to keep up the guard

Its whats on my mind

To wager or to surrender

Its whats on my mind

This fragile heart  is out on a limb

Down a path seldom walked in

Whats a heart that’s unhurt?

But a tale incomplete

This path is strewn with broken hearts

So its always been, Its the grace

of true love

That keeps us dewy eyed

It is the the flame we walk through

so the pain can subside

To be a sport or to retreat

is what on my mind

To take  a swing

or to take defeat

Its what on my mind

the fragile heart

Who knows where

It will take us

In this hazy trance?

It might refuse but….

This world wont let it give up

If it designs to

It wont listen to any

It’s the beginning of the end

That has taken many

To conceal or to reveal

Its what on my mind

To escape or to expand

Its what on my mind…

  • Ali Sethi