Yesterday, I exchanged looks with my beloved.
And it was as if I were looking through heaven’s doorway.
There was a procession of joy,
but I also saw corpses of pain.

Not just during the day, not just at night, not just today or tomorrow
I will gladly live in her feet; I have no capability.
I told my beloved about my feelings for her.
I expressed my heart’s feelings.

I get unwell if I don’t see my beloved for a couple of days.
I’m sleepless, and my days are meaningless.
My beloved’s eyes are like those of a doctor looking after a patient.
I feel compassion for the pains.

The doorway through which my beloved passes.
I bowed there the day before.
Kirat, the songwriter, wrote me a piece of poetry.
Because my God was present, I said the poetry there.

As we held hands, it was as if we spoke our hearts out,
and it instantly solved all of our problems.
I spent some time with the love of my life,
and it felt like I had the entire world on my side.

While playing with sand, I drew her on the sand yesterday.
Oh, God, people have been calling me sick,
and I’ve come to accept that being sick is my fate.

I only had a few hidden breaths that I kept to myself.
I showered it on my beloved.
Yesterday, I looked into the eyes of my beloved
and felt as if I were looking down through heaven’s doorway.

Poet /Lyrics : Kirat Gill