Today again newspaper has arrived…..

Just like everyday picked it with anticipation

Looked at it and threw away

If there is any news about you then I will read

If there is any of your picture then I will view

Otherwise what is in the newspaper for me

For me the news of the world is from you

If you are in the sights then there are news for me

If you are in this world then this world exists

Without you, what news can I understand?

Without your picture what I would see?

Today again the newspaper arrived

It brought the news from far away and not use to me

I wish some times your picture sits here

Sometimes your news is published

Sometimes the winds will change and from every newspaper your news will be published

But for now, what should I do with these news, where there is no mention of yours

A wish that is unfulfilled, a dream that is quite afar

A promise that is of quite distance

Today the newspaper has arrived

Tomorrow the newspaper will come

My wishes will come true in an instant

With your picture we will set it at stage

That tomorrow is not that far away

Some day tomorrow will come

Tomorrow again newspaper will come

— Amrita Pritam..