The person who wanted you before me,

Maybe your sorrow is still in his heart

Maybe still has an unnamed hope

and has decorated an island with your memories

I assumed that it was who had forgotten you for someone

who is lost in someone else’s queen

Maybe now come back or not in your gathering

And let no sorrow make you cry in loneliness

I admitted that in the riots of day and night

Time forgets every sorrow, drop by drop

Even if there are shadows of hope or the flames of memories

Permanent pain extinguishes eventually

Still, the thought of the past always comes slowly

Time can’t destroy the flame of pain

The wound heals but the scar remains

Memories can never die from a distance

It is also possible that one day he will become regretful

turn away from the times and come back to you

You are innocent too and can

bear a wound like before

and may forgive him

and to you whom I considered as my savior

will accept another pain like before

On which many promises were broken before

and stand silently on this two-way intersection

— Ahmad Faraz